Letter about New Safety Regulations

eeBoo is a small, family run business that I started 13 years ago when my son was one year old and I had newborn twins. I have always been diligent and responsible about safety while attempting to manufacture products that are beautiful and meaningful to children.

Almost all of our products are made simply of paper, cardboard, (often recycled) and non-toxic inks. eeBoo manufactures many of its products overseas for a variety of technical and economic reasons. But unlike many companies that manufacture abroad, we work one on one with a small number of prestigious printers whom we know and trust. Our primary sources have been recognized for their “green” manufacturing processes and all have been fully certified to ICTI standards. ICTI Certifies that these businesses adhere to the highest health and safety requirements.

The printers we use manufacture many of the children’s books for top U.S. Publishing companies, and use the same materials. Their facilities are clean, modern and totally responsible. We work directly with our factories, so we know the principals of the company personally. We never “job out” production runs to other factories, nor do we use “brokers” to find less expensive means of production. The consistently high quality of our product bears out this commitment.

From the beginning, long before the recent publicity surrounding Chinese made goods, eeBoo has conscientiously safety tested its products with independent professional testing agencies for all aspects of safety (toxicity, small parts, mechanical tests, and a variety of other risks and hazards) based upon the appropriate age recommendation. We test to meet or exceed ASTM, and EN71 standards. Our Warning labels consistently err on the side of caution.

Since new safety legislation was passed in November, we have manufactured and tested our products following the new guidelines. The ASTM and CE markings on our products indicate that even before the introduction of the certification requirements, they have been tested and meet or exceed the new standards. The CPSIA will incrementally decrease the allowable lead levels over the coming months, reducing the allowable threshold from 900 parts per million to 300 parts per million. It is noteworthy that our inks test less than 10 parts per million for lead.

As the regulations stand now, manufacturers must make Certificates of Conformity available to retailers for products shipped after February 10, 2009. Certification is not required for retailer’s inventory received before that date. Retailers are warned however, to use good judgment and be especially wary of certain product categories more likely to contain lead. (See attached memo from the CPSC.) Happily, none of eeBoo’s products fall into these categories.

eeBoo has records of all tests performed on our products before the new standards were enacted, and will make them available to customers upon request.

eeBoo appreciates your trust and will do everything we can to keep it. We have and will continue to test and meet or exceed all new regulations. We look forward to continuing to provide you with safe, beautiful, and responsible products.

Please email with questions at safety[at]eeboo.com


Mia Galison